Europe Homeschool Mission 2013

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Dear Friends,

Hello from California! (again!).  Thank you all for the support youshowed me this last summer as I embarked on this great adventure.

CEE_06-18-13_Swindon_MaranathaSchool_PHOTO_062I finished my time with Arthur Roderick and Christian Education Europe in late June, and returned to the States in late July.  Since I’ve been back, I’ve been immersed in the editing process.  Sorting through hours and hours of footage, it has been quite a daunting challenge to produce the finished clips.  The process of editing is the most intense and difficultpart of producing a video – but also the most fun and rewarding.  But, I’m excited to finally share with you the completed clips!  You can view them all at the bottom of this page:



IMG_6193At the beginning of my time with them, Christian Education Europe asked me to produce:

(1) A promotional film for homeschooling to be given out on DVD.

(2) 2 videos of Christian schools.

(3) A archive of student talent.


After 2 1/2 weeks, over 700 miles (not counting the flight to Dublin!), 500GBs, and a few weeks of editing later, the videos have been completed.  The 20 min

IMG_6222ute promotional film, “Christian Education Europe”, highlights the lives of 3 homeschool families throughout the UK, explaining why they feel

that homeschooling is the best way to raise g

odly children and build strong families.  Because CEE distributes curriculum to Christian schools, they asked me to highlight a couple schools that use their curriculum.  Through my travels, I filmed students doing different musical, drama, or speech

presentations.  It was very intense but profitable time.  I was able to be hosted by all sorts of different homeschool families, and become fully

immersed into the Christian homeschool community of south England.  An unexpected surprise was that all the people I stayed with lived in the most picturesque English villages you can imagine – I don’t think I ever went into a city!


I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  I KNOW that they made a difference.  As I look back, I realize more and more that this crazy idea I had of planning a missions trip on my own, spending 3 weeks with somebody I hardly knew, and trying to produce a film production – I know that it was God’s idea and that it was He who accomplished it.  Thanks for sharing in this work.

Please forward these videos to your friends.  The intent of them is not merely to espouse the effectiveness of a particular educational method or lifestyle.  Their purpose is to show the work that God is doing around the world convicting the hearts of parents to build strong families and raise godly children, children that will go on to lead new a generation of Christians.


Thanks again for your support,




David Coonradt

(562) 567-3137


Europe Homeschooling Film Ministry…UPDATE

Dear Friends,
Hello from Europe!  Thank you so much for the support you have shown me for my mission film project with the homeschool community in Europe.  Having finished up my study abroad trip with Biola University, I will be traveling from Paris to Swindon, UK, tomorrow to begin my time with Arthur Roderick and Christian Education Europe.  As soon as I arrive we will be meeting and brainstorming on how to best approach our film project advocating Christian homeschooling.  Please pray for effective and innovative ideas, ones that will allow us to produce a film that will reach out to the audience, be technologically excellent, and show the benefits of Christian home education.
     Some exciting developments have occurred with my time with CEE.  This coming Friday, CEE will be flying me out with Mr. Roderick to Dublin, Ireland, to attend a homeschool conference with him and to begin interviewing homeschool families.  I never thought that this project would take me outside southern England!  This has been very exciting news to me, and I would like to ask you to pray for me, that the several days we spend in Dublin would be a profitable and edifying time.  As always, you can see updates at
Thank you for your continued prayer support – it makes a difference!
Warm Regards,
David Coonradt
P.S. To my Colorado Springs friends, especially those who have been evacuated, please know that I also hold you in my prayers as the forest fires rage in the Black Forest.



Dear Friends,

Greetings from California!  As many of you know, I have been attending Biola University, a Christian university in La Mirada, California.  As part of my involvement in the Torrey Honors Institute great books program, I will be traveling to Europe for two study-abroad classes this summer. The first trip takes me to Switzerland and France, while the second trip plants me in Cambridge, England for twenty days studying at that great university.

One problem remains:  What do I do with myself alone in Europe for the three weeks between the trips?

Glad you asked!

Most of you know I have a passion and vision for Christian homeschooling.  I began my search to find organizations or families connected with homeschooling that I could serve in Europe during this interim period.  I contacted organizations like CHEC and HSLDA and found many good leads whom I contacted to explore a service opportunity.  The one lead that seemed to really click with my vision, my schedule, and what seems to be my gifting is with Christian Education Europe.  CEE ( is a organization founded by Mr. Arthur Roderick to help the Christian and Christian Homeschooling community thrive in Britain and Europe.  I have had several meetings with Mr. Roderick and CEE’s general manager Dr. Greg Hibbing to see how I can use my film production skills to help further homeschooling in Europe. Below is the text of a recommendation letter from Dr. Hibbins:

 This letter serves to confirm that David Coonradt has volunteered to assist us for a

teach few weeks in the summer. David, will be with us between June 12-28 and will be assisting us with the production of a DVD promoting home-schooling. David will also be visiting a number of home school families to observe home schooling in the UK as well as assisting with a Home School Concert we have planned. David will be hosted by our Founding Director, Arthur Roderick.

We look forward to David’s arrival and the valuable help he will give us with the home school promotion DVD, which we hope will lift the profile of the homeschools movement in the UK and Europe.

– Dr. Greg Hibbins

Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventure.  I want to bathe this trip in prayer.  I would so much appreciate your prayer support for this trip.  Please specifically pray for the following:

  1. The logistics for the trip, that I would be where I need to be, when I need to be there.  That I would stay healthy and safe on this journey.  That God would put His protective hand on the equipment, technology and the volumes of digital image and audio data generated.  I intend on expanding the components of this project into a short film for American distribution in the future.
  2. That God would give me inspiration and the anointing to craft a media product that would glorify Him and evangelize the cause of Christian homeschooling in Europe and elsewhere.  That the images and sound would be excellent, the interviews and stories engaging, and that I would be well received and trusted in the homes I visit, that the Holy Spirit would be felt in our meetings.
  3. That God would continue to provide the necessary finances for the expenses of necessary equipment and the trip particulars.

If God leads you to partner with me in offsetting some of the costs it would be greatly appreciated.  Since I organized and planned this on my own, I am not partnered with any non-profit organization so I can’t offer any tax-deduction receipts.  While I appreciate any support, I really covet your prayers as this will be an enormous undertaking for me.

I will be blogging updates at, and I will keep you all updated with links to my progress this summer.  Thank you so much for your time.

Warmest regards to you all,


David Coonradt